Closet Racists in Church

It is completely possible to fight ferociously against racism and white supremacy in America and in the church so fiercely that all one’s dreams wither away like an unwatered plant and die. Let us be wise.

I certainly encourage social activism but not at the cost of one’s calling. On another note:

The other day I was rehearsing and someone said to me “you know George Floyd wasn’t a saint.”

There was so much I wanted to say nothing which would’ve not gone down amicably. I replied that one does not need to be a saint in order to not get shot or killed by a police officer.

These are the very people sitting in churches who will declare themselves liberal and progressive wondering why we all can’t just get along and yet use racist ideologies to justify why it was OK for someone of color to be killed in the streets without due process.

Such White closet racists are even more dangerous than the KKK who openly state and live out their purpose (besides when they don White bleached teepee head garb).

If you or your loved one is a quiet closet racist and you think it’s appropriate for anyone to be killed in the streets because they have a criminal record please unfollow and unfriend my account immediately.

Neutral about a solution is part of the problem.

#georgefloyd #ahmaudarbery #breonnataylor #blacklivesmatter

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