Letter to an Old Friend [9-5-2020]

It is so good to hear from you. When the numbers were sweeping Florida I immediately thought of you both and attempted contact.

As I write this message I am in Pimlico, in Central London preparing to start my day after a night at the pub playing trivia. I figured I must be open to exploring the new if I am to make friends and acquaintances.

London called to me for over four years since I passed through its cloudy haze in 2016 afoot to Italy. My connecting flight through Heathrow gave me the time to experience something in the air that I'd only experienced once before in childhood while living in Washington, D.C. It was even more pronounced in London.

I was invited to study in a short term postgraduate program at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, one of UK's finest conservatories. With the live performance industry shuttered and millions of careers taking a detour, I don't know if this decision is fraught with wishful thinking or courage; however, I don't know when I shall have the opportunity again to undertake such an adventure.

I'm experiencing such peace as I cannot fully describe with words. They've banned guns. Civilians don't get shot by accident for holding what looked like a gun. I'm treated with a dignity and respect that I see extended as part of the norm.

I wonder at it all. I would wish there were such an enclave in the US where I could savor such peace. Alas, the police draw guns in the US at a rate that alarms the Londoners and they cannot believe that the police get away with murder.

I am thinking of you both and thankful to hear of your strict self-isolation. I was self-isolating with Margaret since March until I left for England 22nd August.

I pray you are keeping in perfect peace (as those whose mind is stayed on Him) and I hope a solution to this plague is soon forthcoming.

Make a great day and praying for protection in this time of storm.


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