To Win a Grammy...

Weeks worth of focused intentional movement. Meditation. Jeers. Rubbing shoulders with musical and artistic royalty from London, South Africa, China, Cameroon, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine...the gift of melody was poured out liberally throughout the world and to come in contact with so many people who are joining this journey has given me a new force. A new faith in achieving the impossible.

Just the other day someone who tried to discredit my music in the past implied that another fellow musician had grown wonderfully while I'd maintained stagnant. The truth is, I just haven't been blasting every development sky-high on social media. It was't time.

I have a team that is getting larger by the day that includes beautiful human beings representing 4 continents (would love to get all 6), 10 nationalities, 8 different countries. Some are visual designers, one a publicist, the other a marketing/finance consultant, one a music video director, the other a photographer, the other a silvery vocalist ... and yet they are one. We are one as storytellers. People who feel a burden to pass on experiences/memories and it heals us as we unleash our spiritual energy upon the planet.

Right now I've been sifting through potential producers for 3 hours. I want 3 more who know the sound of music, who have the ear for aggressive sonic control, for 3 who understand sonic temperance and production from the heart that leads back to it. So many talented creators but to hone in and dominate with one's ears is the difference between a tuna sandwhich with smoked hungarian paprika and red onion and a tuna sandwhich with salt and pepper.

Have been sifting through many music links and a few are ready sonically for a huge opportunity like the Grammys. However, I've learned that talent without character is a waste. So many talented people without the self-discipline or communication skills to take full advantage of their gifts. It's a mystery.

One producer made me cry with his music. I didn't tell him because normal, heterosexual society doesn't value emotional men so I cry my tears into pillows and towels and only answer once the mini-storm has passed.

I value powerful strength contained in gentleness and love. My music has both elements if you listen carefully. I made a decision to attach all 7 songs to producers so that whatever time is needed to craft and create the song can happen before the August release date which I am hoping for.

I keep getting messages from people to see how I'm doing who want to talk but I have to ignore them for now. I've been given an unprecedented opportunity to turn a dream into a reality. I woke up at 2:45am one morning and got right to work with my daily schedule. There is something that matters to me more than distractions. I have music that breaks me. It heals and torments me. Maybe that's normal for musicians? I dunno. I hear melodies. Melodies that don't exist in this dimension.

Instead of vomiting matter I vomit these melodies in my mind outward and I listen inward to extract them onto a track for processing. It's natural though. Like childbirth it feels like something meant to be. I'm pursuing it and seeing what happens with an open mind and a rapidly adapting situation.

I am scheduled to transition to London in September to study at the Guildhall of Music for a short time. There I plan to make friends and continue my songwriting journey as we aim this album for the Grammys. We're only going to live once on this dimension - why settle?

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