We Give Our Lives Meaning (Quiz Winner Announced)

Congratulations to our Quiz Winner Janice Dolci!!! Janice correctly guessed the name of my upcoming album and also answered all the quizzes correctly - Janice and I went to high school together in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania and have stayed in touch over the years. You win the signed photo and CD! Congratulations!

The picture used on the album cover was taken by Palestinian storyteller Fidaa Atayaa under the direction of Photographer Billy Miaron of Kenya. He remotely directed the photo shoot through Zoom.

The piano and location belong to my patron, Margaret Turner, an angel, and the editing was by the fantastic Visual Wizard Andrew Carroll, a fellow graduate of Kutztown University.

I chose the name “The Broken Healer” because of the unconventional, splintered past that made me what I am today. However, that does not detract from my identity as an empath...a healer.

Like many healers it is often easier to help another than to help oneself. But I’ve learned that one cannot pour from an empty cup.

Join me as we take a musical journey together to explore parts of my story that I have never shared publicly.

When I was evicted out of my Allentown Pennsylvania home where I lived for 10 years after the betrayal of someone I knew for 14 years I had to stuff every thing I could carry into my small Honda Civic.

While cleaning up my room I found a personal, handwritten note from an anonymous writer. The note said many things but it’s the last part of that little note that remains with me.

It said “don’t be afraid to be soft sometimes.”

To whoever wrote that to me thank you. This album contains my vulnerabilities and this first release discusses the power of making a decision and how mine has led me to this path of becoming. I made a choice years ago and I’m living in it.

On Friday I’ll announce the release of the first full sample of Choices with a special guest. Tune in as we take this journey together into a new reality.

Make a great day 🙏

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